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Megan Berner – Reno, Nevada

Briefly describe the work you do.  In my work, I explore the ways we interact with our environment—how we form relationships with it and how those connections influence our interpretation of the world around us—what marks we leave behind, the … Continue reading

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Kathleen Hawkes – Winona, Minnesota

Briefly describe the work you do. Currently I am working on a series of large scale still life photographic artworks that are constructed from many layered photographs of cheap consumer goods (candy, dime store trinkets, cellophane, etc).    Tell us … Continue reading

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Dinora Justice – Boston, Massachusetts

Briefly describe the work you do I paint, draw, make videos and build things. My work is a personal, highly biographical exploration of the complicated relationship between humans and the natural environment. Tell us a little about your background and … Continue reading

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Leon Patchett – Cromarty, Scotland

Briefly describe the work that you do. I produce sculpture made with wood collected from the forest floor, washed up on beaches, and generally from the local environment. This a pragmatic approach that creates an instinctive and intimate relationship between … Continue reading

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Leslie Grossman – Davenport, Iowa

Briefly describe the work that you do. I consider myself a printmaker, but more so in the unconventional and conceptual vein. I tend to focus on the process behind making multiples, history and documentation of the mark, and the ever-precious … Continue reading

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Michael Kautzer – Sussex, Wisconsin

Briefly describe the work you do. My work is based around three practices including: architectural models, interactive performance, and model railroads. My interest in models lies in their ability to represent architectural ideas and spaces in nice compact packages. This … Continue reading

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