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Venetia Norris – London, United Kingdom

Briefly describe the work you do. I create drawings inspired by nature.  I love using graphite, pen, ink, paint, charcoal and gouache to create marks on a surface.  I am fascinated by the natural world – the dramatic curve of a … Continue reading

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2014 Artist Spotlight – Lisa Vinebaum

Have there been new developments in your work since your 365 interview? I’ve had two opportunities to exhibit the performance placards I’ve been making and using in New Demands? which is an ongoing series of public walking performances exploring historical … Continue reading

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Brittney Williams – Chicago Illinois

Briefly describe the work you do. In my work, I’m interested in addressing the various aspects of identity—race, gender, and spirituality. I am driven by personal self-exploration, balanced with who I am in relation to my surroundings. Delving into the … Continue reading

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Devin Balara – Knoxville, Tennessee

 Briefly describe the work you do. My work is mixed-media, sculpturally-minded and is inspired by everyday indicators of humankind’s deeply humorous tendency toward sameness. Lately, the word of the day has been “domestication”, thinking in terms of landscapes, spaces, objects … Continue reading

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Mikey Kettinger – Logan, Utah

Briefly describe the work you do. I work with a range of materials, but I commonly use sound/music, video, and installation to produce socially engaged artworks.  Anytime someone asks, “why is this art?” I smile. Tell us a little about … Continue reading

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Kristin Bauer – Tempe, Arizona

Briefly describe the work you do. My artwork consists of installations, sculptures, paintings and work in other media inspired by the combination of word and image in communication and meaning-making.  More specifically I am influenced by a huge spectrum of … Continue reading

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Tatiana Stadnichenko – Russia

Briefly describe the work you do. My work is the air between the temporal architecture and artistic philosophy with the theme of instability and rethinking of the urban space and human actions there. One of my theses for research is … Continue reading

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