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2014 Artist Spotlight – Peter Bonde Becker Nelson

Have there been new developments in your work since your 365 interview? Through most of my professional career, I have worked with photography, audio interviews, live-action video, and performance. Currently I am pursuing a completely different form: stop motion animation. … Continue reading

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Jeremy Foy – Des Plaines, Illinois

Briefly describe the work you do.  I am a ceramic artist who creates sculptures, installations and performance art. My current work focuses on artists and athletes to show how similar their mindsets are. As most movements are minimized to be … Continue reading

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Beth Brown – Baltimore, Maryland

Briefly describe the work you do.  My body of work includes intricate ink drawings on paper and euphonic processed field recordings. The drawings and musical arrangements share a common thread of representing textural micro-landscapes, articulated through obsessive (and meditative) mark-making, and  … Continue reading

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Gina Rotem – Jerusalem, Israel

Briefly describe the work you do I started my artistic carrier as a ceramist, experimenting with clays and glazes in my Abu Tur studio in Jerusalem. The useful dimension of art in life attracted me, but I was also inspired … Continue reading

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Leslie Nichols – Bowling Green, Kentucky

Briefly describe the work you do. My primary medium is a manual typewriter, which I use to create text-based works on paper. I use the genre of portraiture to create images about identity. For me, the inclusion of text in … Continue reading

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Debra Ramsay – New York, New York

Briefly describe the work you do. I form an idiosyncratic engagement with rule-based systems to make art. Tell us about your background and how that has had an influence on your work and on you as an artist. I grew … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Tolson – Brooklyn, New York

Briefly describe your work The desire to control women has been a subversive part of human culture for centuries. Be it a law passed, a vow forced, or “acceptable” women’s fashion, all undermine how a woman portrays her sexuality and … Continue reading

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