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Sofía Botero – Bogota, Colombia

Briefly describe the work you do.  My work builds on the quotidian, on personal and intimate stories and little details of daily life. It results from exploring routines, manias, memories, obsessions, and from an acute screening of the space I … Continue reading

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Virginia Derryberry – Asheville, North Carolina

Briefly describe the work you do.  Recent work includes large scale oil on canvas figure paintings along with fabric/costume constructions that blend narrative elements from mythology and alchemy, the forerunner of modern science. The intent is to suggest multiple interpretations … Continue reading

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Nicole Ovalle Garcés – Santiago, Chile

Briefly describe the work you do. My work is comprised of painting, drawing, collage, photography, shibori and weave. The presence of technical of textiles, the relation of the men with the textiles, as well as human consciousness. The pieces for these have … Continue reading

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Sarah Shamash – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Briefly describe the work you do.  As a media artist, my works typically circumvent the art market, and generally don’t require gallery walls. My works tend to be transitory experiences, rather than material objects; in this sense, they are difficult … Continue reading

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Stefanie Herr – Barcelona, Spain

Briefly describe the work you do. Blurring the lines between photography and sculpture, my work can be best described as photographic relief sculpture. With a special focus on geography, it addresses the way we relate and respond to the natural … Continue reading

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Amanda Lenox – Astoria, New York

Briefly describe the work you do.  I make work that ranges in content and feeling. I mostly like to make photo-realistic portraits using graphite but I also like to make very colorful and expressive portraits with oil paints. In addition, … Continue reading

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Chanelle Walshe – Dublin, Ireland

Briefly describe the work you do.  I make paintings that are based on human organs and skeletal structures. I look at the ribcage, the pelvic bone , the heart and lungs. The work suggests the presence of an unknowable energy … Continue reading

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Bonnie Peterson – Houghton, Michigan

Briefly describe the work you do.  I use embroidery to investigate cultural and environmental issues. Mixing a variety of source materials such as scientific data and early explorer’s journals, I stitch words and phrases on velvet and silk fabrics to … Continue reading

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Rihards Vitols – Cologne, Germany

Briefly describe the work you do.  I always want to challenge myself when it comes to creation of an artwork. There is no specific equipment or media which I use for my works. Usually I try to use both digital … Continue reading

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Patricia Corrêa – Krakow, Malopolska, Poland

Briefly describe the work you do. In my work I explore the constant and incorporeal presence of Time, using excerpts of general life and expanded memories, as my base material. My memories, memories transmitted to me, collective memory, lived times … Continue reading

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