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Tanya Ziniewicz – Baltimore, Maryland

Briefly describe the work you do. I investigate subtleties of human interaction, imagination, and transience through a network of organic linear forms that are continually emerging, growing, reaching, and intertwining. My paintings build and traverse paths between observation and invention, … Continue reading

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Ralph Pàquin – Spartanburg, South Carolina

Briefly describe the work you do. On and off for the past 30 years, I have been creating biomorphic forms.  For the past eight years, the driving force behind the sculptures has become more about the microscopic world of genetics.  … Continue reading

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Mary Johnson – Buffalo, New York

Briefly describe the work you do. I make drawings and installation/performances that engage the absurd overlays between the luscious and the decayed; the image and experience. I use organic, decomposing materials in my work and directly on paper, as well … Continue reading

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