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Neerja Kothari – Kolkata, India

Briefly describe the work you do. Through drawings, text and sound, my work is an investigation of the absurdity in trying to quantify an experience which cannot be. Derived from multiple instances and memories the work is an accumulation of … Continue reading

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Cayla Skillin-Brauchle – Chicago, Illinois

Briefly describe the work you do. Ownership over possessions as well as ownership over individual or collective thought both fascinate me. My work spans a variety of media and takes the form of interactive art events and meditative studio based … Continue reading

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Nirmal Raja – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Briefly describe the work you do. Concepts of memory, subjective experience and passage of time are overall interests in my work. As a result I approach art making as a communication of sensations rather than production of objects.  I incorporate many … Continue reading


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