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Megan Geckler – Los Angeles, California

Briefly describe the work you do.  I use flagging tape, a plastic ribbon largely used for demarcation on construction sites to create large-scale, mathematically-based, linear installations. I pre-plan my work by using an architectural drawing program that allows me to … Continue reading

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Dayana Burguesa – Alicante, Spain

Briefly describe the work you do. My process of creating an image starts with a preconceived notion Largely, other times is the result of a daily emotional state, in the first case Takes a lot more time the outcome, since … Continue reading

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Carlo Fantin – Oakland, California

Briefly describe the work you do. I hand-cut portraits out of black construction paper. In my art, I depict saint-like figures surrounded by Catholic iconography and popular media symbols, blending internet culture and religious worship. I manipulate negative space by … Continue reading

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Zach Fitchner – Jacksonville, Florida

Briefly describe the work you do.   My most recent work is a suite of mixed media prints that I created for a solo exhibition entitled Icons of Confessions. Inspired by the phrase, “digging up dirt,” Icons of Confessions explores … Continue reading

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Michael MacMahon – Falmouth, Massachusetts

Briefly describe the work you do. My current body of work consists of large uniform square paintings that are inhabited by groups of people in similar dress toiling away at tasks which are impossible to define. These particular images are … Continue reading

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