Gabri Solera – Madrid, Spain

La Condición HumanaBriefly describe the work you do.

As the great Joan Fontcuberta said: “there are two photographic trends, that which does not imply the documentary is not artistic nor the artistic documentary.” The Difference between the individual look (author) and the objective chronicler (journalist), is wrongly held by the Border Between art and documentary photography. “But Both are extensions of what photography: annotation, as there is in the world”. My photos are not very objective; Subjective North. It is not a competition Between the Straight Photography and staged drills, They can merge. Let’s just say That my realities are fictitious and my fictions, real.

Tell us About your background and how you That Had an influence on your work and on you as an artist.

I studied Bachelor of Journalism (at the Faculty of Information Sciences of Madrid) and then a master of creative photography in a prestigious school (EFTI). I think the two disciplines complement each other perfectly to create my images, where there is some improvised story, but also a lot of thought ingenuity. If I had to give two names that have shaped me so far, of course I speak of the surrealist painter Rene Magritte and writer Henry David Thoreau.

The concept of the artist studio has a broad range of meanings in contemporary practice. May Artists spend much of Their time in the actual studio, or May They spend very little time in it. Tell us About Your Individual studio practice and how it differs from or is the same as traditional notions of “being in the studio.

I have a photography studio as my work is more “street”. I could say that my studio is my own mind (though in my house I have a desk with two computer screens and a couch. This also applies to me as “workplace”). Sometimes I dreamed of having a place of co-working type work, but I’m so strange that would become as “the study of Francis Bacon”. Of course, if sometimes I have to do (much needed too) commercial, I rent a place and solved 🙂

What roles do you find yourself playing not Have That You May Envisioned in yourself When you first started making art?

I never imagined being an artist, I actually do not even like to think so. There was a time when I osbsesionaba make lots of pictures and series a year. Now, working as an editor at Getty Images (also related to photography, but without the pressure of “unemployed artist”), I enjoy taking the camera more times to “be a tourist with the camera hanging from the neck”. But I like that from time to time I add to social networks to tell me that they have seen some of my works at different sites to congratulate it. I always thought that my job was not to give answers but to ask questions.

Operación Recolonizar

When do you find is the best time to make art? Do you Set Aside a specific time everyday or do you have to work Whenever Allows time?

My creative process is pretty crazy (like me) because I never know when inspiration will emerge (Picasso said “I find inspiration to work” ). I read a lot, I see enough movies, travel to different cities, visiting exhibitions of different authors …. For me the most important is to have a good idea (I think the most important thing in a film is the script). I focus mainly on that and then developing trust with my people (girlfriend, family, friends). In some photographs as “Operation recolonize” series must be added a large production of field work, carrying heavy elements (I used a gasoline generator to directly illuminate the scene), meet “models” and aides … . so it is very stressful to be aware of all the details, but is also very rewarding when the result is very similar to the “original idea”.

How has your work changed in the past five years? How is it the same?

On the one hand, I think my work has varied greatly reviewing photos easy (I started in 2008 a photography course, tubeless, already showed signs as “artist”), but I also see that my fundamental interests remain the same: nature city ​​and mingling with humans. Sometimes speaking from a naturopathic perspective, more urban planner. Sometimes the presence of people and others like now where what interests me most is a powerful image minimalist geometries and abstractions where prevail over the rest.

Urbium (detail)How have people: such as family, friends, writers, philosophers, artists or even other pop icons Had an impact on the work you do?

I  think anyone who engages in an artistic discipline should be a little “Renaissance” and know a little of everything to influence him in his work (although a priori it seems that has nothing to do). I am passionate about film, literature, architecture, travel to different places and try that one way or another, all these interests appear in my series (or single pictures). In fact their titles often give clues of my references.

Have you ever Been pulled in the direction of a pursuit other than Being an artist? What are your other interests? 

Right now, other than thinking cool stuff to write (and I do not mean this post), my interests are focused on our pet (a dwarf rabbit named Brownie) the home chunks (literally) can not eat, spend as much possible time with my 4 nephews (learn more children than adults) and the wedding that came with my old girlfriend (now fiancee and future wife) a success year. We invite everyone, but if you know what happened to the daughter of Lola Flores, will understand that not.


_MG_4127Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Complutense University. Master in Digital and creative photography at EFTI. He has participated on discoveries PHE 2012 and prestigious fairs such as stamping, Entrefotos, exit emergency (Madrid) and MirartePhoto (Guadalajara). He has also done several solo exhibitions in Madrid and other group exhibitions in places such as the IVAM (Valencia), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Instituto Cervantes, circle fine arts and city (Madrid), Fundación Antonio Saura (Cuenca) and even Germany, France, Holland, Portugal, China and Brazil. He has won competitions such as the Alliance Française, Olympus, Fotoactitudes, Eurostars Hotels and selected him in contests like “Award Visual Arts” (both in Caceres and Seville), “Young creators”, “Impossible of tag” (Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Santander shortly), “The floor” (screened at the Canary Islands). They have published you reviews in different places as New Landscape Photography (NY), Journal du Net (Paris) and Photographic Museum Shots Photography Competition (London). He participated in the book “Contemporary” (30 photographers of today), edited by the factory. She also works as a photographer and editor for Getty Images.

Terrain Vague

All images copyright of the artist and used with their permission.  



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