EYPRAKSIA – Greece, Athens

Performance 2015

Performance 2015

Briefly describe the work you do.

Basic role for me plays the instinct and the need.From there all begins.From there all are born and evolve .Have the power move and drives everything,from our own lives and by extension the art. Basic role Playing the meaning, symbolism, the deposit,the vision,also the values,values of human life and all that have life, of respect , solidarity and empathy.Art can not fit inside descriptions or  banners, art is based on freedom, the freedom of the artist to express his self and the freedom of the observer to perceive depending on his life experiences and needs  the current art. Βoth are fully respected.Art can save the world because world is art.

Tell us about your background and how that has had an influence on your work and on you as an artist.

In my blood flows a very important civilization  Greek,that was born the spirit,philosophy, the concept of democracy, the arts,health, strong values,.All this heritage exists in my DNA make me feel proud and grateful and shows me my inner road to evolution and  light.

The concept of the artist studio has a broad range of meanings in contemporary practice. Artists may spend much of their time in the actual studio, or they may spend very little time in it. Tell us about your individual studio practice and how it differs from or is the same as traditional notions of “being in the studio

Τhe real studio for me is my own humanity.The place that really arises meaning of creation, becomes the spoliation and the evolution of my art is inside me,my own self.Αll the vibrations, the actions ,gestation within continuity. From then on, I have a place that operates like my own parallel universe like my own black hole from the moment i’ll enter I will get lost in it.

Canvas-Sheers-Acrylic Black-2015

Canvas-Sheers-Acrylic Black-2015

What roles do you find yourself playing that you may not have envisioned yourself in when you first started making art?

I born in the art, so that’s my natural environment . I learned to leave my self in the flow of art, to trust and be born again. Αnything new I trust it, and let  show me the way.

When do you find is the best time to make art? Do you set aside a specific time everyday or do you have to work whenever time allows?

As I mentioned previously, the real studio for me is in my own self, my soul, my spirituality, my vision, there is no specific time of creation,is alive constantly , we are living organisms, continually possessed by feelings, we are emotions Waterfalls you can not set the momentum him. Everything flows and evolves constantly within us.

How has your work changed in the past five years? How is it the same?

I can not isolate it only at he past five years, because Evolution is continuous,in every moment there is the evolution This is the goal  of human.

Canvas-Leafs-Acrylic Black-Glossy Spray 2014

Canvas-Leafs-Acrylic Black-Glossy Spray 2014

How have people such as family, friends, writers, philosophers, other artists or even pop icons had an impact on the work you do?

What characterizes me as an artist is the absolute innerness , I feed my self through the absolute silence.

Have you ever been pulled in the direction of a pursuit other than being an artist? What are your other interests? 

A flower does not ask why blooms, this is the nature of. This is my real nature.


01Eypraksia Kontsa was born in Greece. Study music, theater, dance and received education  visual arts.She graduated piano,music theory, Kontrabass, classic song, dance-ballet.Has attended seminars drama, acting, improvisation, mask, physical theater, directing, bioenergy,butho in Greece-Europe and New York. R​​eceived  Education at  Sorbonne in Paris -art history,philosophy, psychology and study the architecture of the burial places of the 19th century.As a visual artist received education structures-including painting-sculpture-video art-sound installations -installations-performance,next to great visual artists in Greece-Europe and New York Has worked as an actress in great performances in Greece and abroad.Directs Theatrical  Visual Performances.As visual artist active in Greece and abroad with exhibitions-festivals-independent art-Art in public space – performance in public space -e.t.

Ηad the Greek participation on Month Of Performance Art in Berlin 2015 also the Greek participation at Short Film Festival of Hamburg-Kinocabaret 2015.

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