Vdrey feat Schultz – Nice, France

schultz n v 1Briefly describe the work you do. 

Our work is a mix of a lot of things and influence.

We use lots of technics like live painting, light painting, video and industrial live music.

Each performance, we propose are different every time cause we adapt it at the environment and our mind each time.

Tell us about your background and how that has had an influence on your work and on you as an artist.

We are two artists with a very different background.

V have studied art in school and is born in a family artist.

She uses school learned technics but also self learn technic’s.

For Schultz, he has learned music alone after playing in several kinds of music project.


The concept of the artist studio has a broad range of meanings in contemporary practice. Artists may spend much of their time in the actual studio, or they may spend very little time in it. Tell us about your individual studio practice and how it differs from or is the same as traditional notions of “being in the studio.”

The main base of our work is improvisation.

We don’t spend lots of time in the studio, and to be honest, we don’t use traditional studio.

We make some try, thinks about the main idea of the performance and improvise around it.

What roles do you find yourself playing that you may not have envisioned yourself in when you first started making art?

For V, she doesn’t think at the beginning to be a performance artist.

She starts to work in a traditional way, with organic things and now works with new technology.

For Schultz, the idea was to propose some things totally different than a traditional concert.

The great opportunity to work with V was a real chance to do something different and original.

When do you find is the best time to make art? Do you set aside a specific time everyday or do you have to work whenever time allows?

We haven’t got special time to make art.

Every time, every thing can inspire art.

schultz n v 2How has your work changed in the past five years? How is it the same?

Like we travel a lot for our art, our vision have changed and evolute.

We have tried and use new things inspired by this travel, life and also cause we have grown in our art practice.

How have people such as family, friends, writers, philosophers, other artists or even pop icons had an impact on the work you do?

We think we can’t speak about impact from other people.

We make art like we thinks, like we feel, without real influence.

Have you ever been pulled in the direction of a pursuit other than being an artist? What are your other interests? 

For V, the kitchen will be a good thing cause she’s an epicurean.

For Schultz, when I am not making music, I am working in the music universe.

So I think I haven’t chosen, music have chosen me.



All images copyright of the artist and used with their permission.


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