Aaron Meyers – Austin, Texas

XO (2013), urethane rubber, 2.5" x 9" x 8.5"

XO (2013), urethane rubber, 2.5″ x 9″ x 8.5″

Briefly describe the work you do.

My current work is anything but novel; it is largely about our bodily experiences with things like buildings, furniture. and highway overpasses. The materials and forms are used in a matter of fact way but there is often also some material irony. I try to defamiliarize common structures by having the materials do unexpected things.
What is your backgound?
My previous study of mathematics strongly influences the way I think about and make artwork. Mathematics taught me to think rigorously and examine basic assumptions and it has informed my understanding of conceptual beauty. G.H. Hardy wrote that beautiful ideas are ones that are inevitable, unexpected and gracefully stated. Mathematicians use the word ‘deep’ to describe ideas that are profoundly connected to disparate topics. I find beauty in ingenuity, surprise, and precision and look for things with deep connections.
Triplets (2011), plywood, enamel, dimensions variable

Triplets (2011), plywood, enamel, dimensions variable

How do you differ from the old definition of a studio artist?
In my studio I have no set methodology or process. Most projects involve a new material, new tool, or new set of ideas. I get bored of things rather quickly, so I don’t spend as much time refining any particular process.
Smile (2012), cast concrete, rebar, handmade hardware, 12' x 14' x 18"

Smile (2012), cast concrete, rebar, handmade hardware, 12′ x 14′ x 18″

Are there people that have strongly interested you?

I can think of many teachers and friends whose interests and way of life I highly admire and have impacted me. I wont name anyone in particular because all of them are people whose humility and skepticism would make them embarrassed to be listed. In general I have been highly influenced by people with an extreme breath of esoteric interests. They are mostly cynical, but also believe in individuals ability to be moral and learn about the world.    
If you had an occupation outside of being an artists what would it be?
Right now I can’t image being anything but an artist because it allows me to be a dilettante in so many other things–engineering, architecture, design, philosophy, art history, science history, bike riding. 



head shotAaron Meyers is an artist working in Austin, Texas. Born in 1988, he grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. In 2010 Meyers earned a  Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Bucknell University. He is current an MFA candidate at the University of Texas at Austin.




All images copyright of the artist and used with their permission. 

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