How to Submit

On January 1, 2014, Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery launched the 365 Artists 365 Days Project to the world.

What started as a way to spotlight contemporary artists daily  from across the country blossomed into getting the attention of artists from across the globe such as Germany, Slovenia, Australia,  Russia, London, Israel and the United Kingdom.

Effective January 1, 2016

The 365 Artists 365 Days Project is no longer accepting submissions. Thank you for your interest in this project. You can follow us at

This project is important to us so we decided to keep it up & running. 

Frank, Zina, and Rachel

© 2014-2016 365 Artists 365 Days™ Project. All rights reserved.

22 Responses to How to Submit


  2. My name is Jeffrey Thompson. I’m a San Francisco based artist concentrating on painting, drawing, and mixed media. In March of this year I was invited to have a solo show on the campus of Southern Oregon University. The show, entitled Out of Print, was at the SU gallery.

    More recently, my work was accepted into the SFMOMA gallery at Fort Mason. As you may be aware, the Artists Gallery is affiliated with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. They are a nonprofit gallery that exclusively represents Bay Area artists. The sales and rentals from the gallery help support the Museum.
    Thanks again,
    Jeffrey Thompson

  3. Im pleased to be offered the chance of sharing my art work with you all.
    Thank you.

  4. ENCORE: FROM PAINTINGS IN PROUST: monoprints with Chine collé from my ongoing series on this theme opening Sunday January 11, 2-4 pm (to February 15) at the Silvermine Art Center, New Canaan, CT. Greatly influenced by Indian miniature painting, My work has evolved as an East-West joining with these works by employing details of artworks Marcel Proust referenced in his novel Remembrances of Lost Time, and weaving them into the structure and composition of unique one-of-a-kind prints.

  5. Maggi Brown says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to submit my work. My website is in need of updating, but more can be seen on the Barbara Krakow Gallery site, especially under my recent exhibition in June 2013. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for thinking up and offering”365 artists/365 days”, and for not requiring an entry fee. I think of the project as enlightened!

  7. This is Great! What an awesome idea – following 365 now! Thank you!!

  8. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  9. this is a wonderful idea………thank you forgiving us this opportunity………….janet culbertson

  10. I love what you are doing it gives us a unique opportunity to meet other interesting artists like myself !! i would like to try to be listed too !

  11. Wendy Shalen says:

    Thank you for creating this artist community! I look forward to sharing it with artist friends and my students.

  12. Boz Schurr says:

    Sounds pretty cool! I look forward to seeing your list of artists!

  13. Marcy Thomas says:

    Great work on this project. I love the variety of real artists represented here. Thank you for the good reading and for the opportunity.

  14. Scott Vogel says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to submit my work!

  15. What a great chance to see what artists are doing across the world, as equals.

  16. This looks awesome! Thank you for the opportunity!

  17. This is a good opportunity to show and shared my art work with different artists and the public in general. Thanks for the opportunity. Great project.

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